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The hostel rooms are well ventilated and adequately furnished.To ensure pest free surroundings, pest control services is utilized. Purified cold and water(during winter) is provided to the students. Roll Calls are conducted on a daily basis and proper procedure is followed for issuing of out-passes and allowing visitors to the hostels in order to ensure the securtiy of the students. The Hostel in DPS Katni, is like a Home-Away-From-Home! We ensure that the inmates are comfortable and are provided with congenial environment to pursue their studies.
The hostel building is the perfect example of state of the art design and safety features. Modules are designed to take advantage of excellent view with adequate ventilation and lighting. One of the primary concerns of the school is the provision for the amenties and convenience that we provide to our students. As far as possible we have taken great care to make the hostel sta similar to what the children usually enjoy at home, not the over indulgent luxuries but more of opportunities for value based learning.Age appropriate students will be living together in close supervision of wardnes and matrons who are experienced in their fields. Sufficient numbers of dorm nurses are appointed to take care of the daily wash, change and other hygienic needs of the children. An expert team of housekeeping staff will be appointed to keep the hostel sparking clean and hygienic.
The Refectory
A big modern kitchen shall support a massive dining facility that will serve the entire student body and staff.State of the art cooking equipment shall be designed and installed by experts. Collection, storage and disposal of waste using non-polluting ininerators shall be a part of this facility. Strict care has taken to conform to international health standard in the design of facility. The menu will be changed every week to create variety and satisfy all tastes. Special attention will be given to the needs of children, who are physically weak. Any speical item of the food not included in the menu will be provided to the children on the advice of the Resident medical officer or on the request of parents. The refectory will be connected by convered bridges to the academic and residential sections of the campus.